Video Asylum

Cable TV’s cult classic, “Video Asylum,” was the birth child of Robert J. Sexton in the late 90’s. He began producing it in New York on advice given to him from Gregory Pittman from “Gregory’s Funhouse” fame.

Video Asylum starred enigmatic clown Pogo Witzmacher and masked wrestler El Vampiro.  The show entertained/scarred many until it’s passing a few short years later, but it’s independent spirit carries on in Robert Sexton’s work to this day.

The show featured many underground bands and avant garde performers. The live performances were accompanied by dancers Twinkle Dee and Nurse Luna Park.

Sid Terror wrote and directed many of the over 30 episodes which Sexton produced.

Video Asylum Pogo Witzmzcher Video Asylum Pogo Witzmacher_El Vampiro_Twinkle Dee

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